Make Your Dream Aquarium a Reality

We have everything you need in our new location

Expand your existing aquarium or start a new one at Treasure State Aquariums. Come browse our selection of freshwater and saltwater fish, colorful marine invertebrates, lively corals and aquatic plant life. Our helpful staff can answer any questions about our livestock and other products.

Call today to see what we have in stock.

See the difference a dedicated staff makes

We opened Treasure State Aquariums with one goal in mind: To bring a wide variety of healthy aquatic livestock to the Montana area. Our staff has years of experience in the pet industry, and just a year and a half after we opened our doors, we were able to move to a larger location in Billings, MT.

Treasure State Aquariums can help you grow an active freshwater or saltwater tank. Visit us today to speak to an educated member of our team about your dream aquarium.

We stock healthy marine plants and animals

Adding a sick fish or invertebrate to your tank can cause a catastrophic chain reaction. Because we’re passionate about marine life, we take the extra steps necessary to keep our livestock healthy.

Long before our livestock gets to the sales floor, it’s:

  • Quarantined
  • Inspected for ailments
  • Treated for disease
Visit the What We Offer page to learn more about our aquaculture process.

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